Break Down The Barrier Between News & Market Data

Discover exactly which news items preceded the movement of a stock price.

Only Invest In Stocks That Are About To Move

For years hedge funds and big institutions on Wall Street have used this data to give themselves a competitive advantage. We know this, because we sell it to them. Our client list even includes NASDAQ, and Business Wire.

News Quantified analyzes more than 9,000 news items per day…

After years of number crunching and testing, we’ve found that only 2% of all of the company data that is released every day actually moves a stock. So we’ve built a proprietary system that uses deep learning to only pick the news events that matter.

Use Analyst Actions, Earnings Reports, and many other news items to make investment decisions

Discover exactly which news events affected stocks and how they reacted to them. You’ll know the ‘WHY’ behind a price move. This match between market data and news data gives you a unique insight. You can model your investment strategies around certain events that have an outsized impact on equities.

Imagine Having A Team of 553 Analysts Working Specifically For Your Investment Portfolio

That’s right, we literally pull data from 553 top analysts and you can have access to them all from one platform. You can even see the average return from going long or on a specific analyst action.

Historical Performance From Analyst Actions

Ever wondered what would have happened if you had this data in the years gone by?

Past performance and historical results do not guarantee future performance. There is always a risk of loss in any investment you make. That goes without saying. Having said that, we’ve found a positive correlation between certain news events and stock prices.

The equity graphs you are seeing here are all based on a specific execution strategy using News Quantified data, which you get access to as a member. Hedge funds and other large institutions use some of these same strategies.

And now for the first time ever, retail traders can get access to the same ‘unfair advantage’ that they have had for years.

Go ahead and have a look at how we’re using our data to pick stocks on a regular basis. Our founder Oliver Schmalholz has bought and sold an average of volume of $7.69 million per day.

(Equity curve broken down by year)

Use The Same Research As Wall Street Institutions
Several large hedge funds on Wall Street use our data every single day to make buying and selling decisions. Even NASDAQ, and Business Wire (owned by Warren Buffet) are among our clients. And for the first time ever, retail investors like you have an opportunity to gain the same ‘unfair advantage’ they have had for years. Click on the button below to see a demo of how our software works.
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