The Smart Way to Ten Minutes Per Day

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We often discuss how many News Quantified users find market-beating profits while spending as little as 10 minutes per day researching and executing stock plays.

That claim might feel far-fetched, but it’s the practical result of a thoughtful approach to automation embedded in the News Quantified platform. This post will explore the repetitive but crucial tasks that a pro-grade analytics platform like News Quantified can streamline.

We built News Quantified to democratize access to data-driven, news-based stock trading approaches: for years, only hedge funds got to dip into this profit stream.  It’s important to understand that access to the right data is only the foundation for a more level playing field.

Time is another crucial ingredient.

The fact is, traditional approaches to trading are task-intensive if you want to pursue them optimally. The sheer weight of time required prevents retail investors from researching the entire market at the depth necessary to keep up with big institutional investors.

Consider a sample basic due diligence list for an investor considering purchasing a stock:

  1. Visit the company’s website to find a recent annual report/Form 10-K.
  2. Use a stock screener site to check valuation metrics, consensus earnings estimates, and other vital info.
  3. Conduct a Google News search to get a sense for recent headlines affecting the company.
  4. Use Google to find some free analyst reports on the stock.

This sequence of research tasks:

  1. Almost certainly takes longer than 10 minutes, even for a seasoned investor.
  2. Only generates insights into a single stock.
  3. Fails to leverage historical data on vital strategic events like earnings releases, analyst recommendations, and other news.
  4. Leaves the investor without adequate data on how the stock has actually reacted to all these data points.
  5. Leaves the investor at the mercy of data-savvy, trend-sensitive investors who can make money on the stock without pausing to understand this in-depth causal research.

Now consider an investor armed with a data-rich, news-driven analytics platform like News Quantified. This investor:

  1. Can instantly see key metrics for the stock in question, recent news events, and recent price trends in one place.
  2. Can instantly see precisely how the stock has reacted to recent news events, earnings releases, and analyst ratings.
  3. Has access to historical insight into sensitivity to these same trading events.
  4. Can quickly generate relevant insights for any publicly traded U.S. stock. What stock gained the most from news events this day/week/month/year? What analysts cause this stock to move most reliably? How has this stock reacted to recent earnings announcements? The questions can all be answered with a few clicks. And they can be directed at the whole market or individual stocks.

How can an investor without these tools hope to compete in a market-dominated by trend-sensitive investing?

Our honest answer? They can’t. And certainly not through trying to overcome computer automation with sheer will.

That’s why money that isn’t empowered by data has been, quite rationally, fleeing into passive funds for years.

But the more passive the market becomes, the more money stands to be made by investors who are willing to use data to proactively identify and trade off of news-driven trends.

If you’d like to learn more about how the synthesis of real-time news analysis and deep historical stock market data is empowering retail investors to find market-beating profits in this brutally competitive environment, we highly recommend one of our complimentary free virtual training seminars. There’s no hard sell, just an up-close look at a practical approach for leveraging news to identify trends and find sustainable profits.

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