Guerrilla Learning Opportunity: Wealth365 Conference Featuring News Quantified Founder and Much More

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Today, we’re pleased to announce that News Quantified’s founder and CEO, Oliver Schmalholz will again appear as a featured speaker at this quarter’s edition of one of the biggest investor events of the year: the Wealth365 Conference.

This event will take place over six days from October 8 to October 13.

The conference was built from the ground-up for busy professionals: it’s totally virtual. 

Wealth365’s creators have managed to create a loaded conference lineup with 6 days full of speakers on almost every investing subject under the sun. Unless you’re desperate for a conference lunch buffet, we think this format is preferable in every way for today’s investor.

Oliver will be speaking at 10:00 AM ET on Wednesday, October 10 (Virtual Room 1 of the seminar). He will be discussing data-driven investing and news-analytics, the research behind it, and the story of how he went from getting smacked by the tech bubble to sailing right through the 2008 crash.

We think this conference is a unique opportunity to level up trading knowledge in a diverse array of subject areas without shelling out big cash, and we’re pleased to present a free registration opportunity to News Quantified readers.


Wealth365 is a professional-grade financial conference that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home (maybe even while keeping an eye on some choice stock movements on your second monitor)

Here’s what you need to know about the conference:

  • Sponsored by Forbes and other titans of the financial world, the conference centers on 80+ featured speakers, all financial thought leaders eager to exchange ideas with the investors, traders, and entrepreneurs who attend.
  • The conference was created to help propagate some of the biggest innovations in investing; it features new strategic insight, broader educational content, and practical tips from people who have learned how to win in financial markets.
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes and giveaways planned for conference attendees.

We talk a lot about trend-sensitive, data-driven investing. Indeed, there’s no substitute for professional-grade data analysis when looking for stock market profits.  At the same time, there’s no substitute for the qualitative insights driven by listening and talking with actual trend-makers. And this Wealth365 conference is full of them.

Data is key to leveling the playing field between retail investors and big institutional players armed with armies of quants. But learning is another crucial ingredient.

Trust us, the Wall Street titans never stop looking for new profit opportunities. To keep up without shelling out millions, investors need to take advantage of every low-cost, guerrilla learning opportunity they can. And Wealth365 is a great example.

We hope you’ll find time for Oliver’s session, but there are many other fantastic speakers you should also be sure to check out. Talks range from data-focused talks like Oliver’s to totally different topics like running a highly-profitable Air BnB.

A small but powerful sampling of speakers includes:

These speakers are just a tiny portion of those appearing over the full 6-day conference, and we’ll hope you can find time attend!

You can claim a free place through News Quantified using the button below:


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