Winter Profits Continue Piling Up: 12/19 Top Performers

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Markets have slipped from the price appreciation trend of the last several sessions so far this Tuesday. All major indexes were down modestly at the time of this writing. On a lighter news day, most macroeconomic news has been positive, suggesting that the selloff simply represents some end of year profit taking.

In today’s Top Performer Report, we take a look at two long plays, including a past Top Performer that is again among our long play leaders for the day.

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Riot Blockchain (RIOT): stubbornly gains as analysts pounce.  

We identified Riot Blockcahin as a highly profitable play on the blockchain trend back on November 24 (Black Friday).

The stock indeed turned out to be the ultimate Black Friday Deal: it gained 100% on the session. We successfully saw that RIOT’s naming of a top financial industry executive to its leadership team could be a turning point for the stock’s price, writing:

“Investors are eager for avenues to blockchain profits, but it’s difficult to know which firms are real players in an emerging industry that has a “Wild West” element at this early stage. The addition of a successful executive from a more traditional investing background is a powerful signal to investors of a given firms analytical solidity and longterm viability.”

Since this time, RIOT has made News Quantified users who bought on this event a lot of money.

As the blockchain trend continues to fire on all cylinders, some analysts are beginning to call “bubble.” Indeed, multiple analysts condemned RIOT’s current valuation this morning. But their analysis appears unable to penetrate investor enthusiasm for their blockchain tech.

The stock is up nearly 20% so far on the session. Blockchain-hungry investors simple saw analyst pessimism as a buying opportunity.

Tyme Technologies (TYME): strong gains on potential Pancreatic cancer treatment.

While blockchain technologies are grabbing more media attention and investor fervor, pharmaceutical development companies continue to match blockchain nearly punch-for-punch in our Top Performer reports.

Investors are piling into TYME today on news that they will be presenting data on a new pancreatic cancer treatment at a major research conference.

Blockchain and pharma have something in common: the more highly valued equities become after a historic bull run, the more investors need to speculate on emerging technologies to find valuations that are “priced to grow.” With our real-time news analytic system, News Quantified users are poised to continue posting astounding profits on this recent trend.

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