Weekly Top Stock Recap + Friday’s Top Performer

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Daily Stock Market Summary: Stocks appear to be ending the week mostly flat, holding onto gains from a sustained rally last week but failing to drive higher. Stocks are trading near neutral this morning: investors are idling while awaiting news on several geopolitical fronts. Overnight, China denied reports it was prepared to offer the United States over $200 billion in trade concessions.

This stock market continues to prove a profitable one for news-based traders armed with our quantitative analysis platform. We recap our Top Performers of the week below. You can learn more about profiting from news events like these (1000’s every week) in one of our totally free virtual training seminars. Just sign up using the button below:

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Weekly Top Performer Recap

Monday, we looked at a medical diagnostics firm surging on new strong preliminary earning numbers for Q1 2018. (NASDAQ:PRPO)

Tuesday, we focused on a Chinese environmental engineering firm that was posting big gains after dramatic profit growth led by a cost-cutting campaign. (NASDAQ:CLWT)

Wednesday, we circled back to one of the previous week’s Top Performers, up over 400% since our initial news alert: an electric car charging stock, again gaining after posing quality financials. (NASDAQ:BLNK)

Thursday, we found some tidy profits trading a cannabis stock trending up on news of a new distribution agreement. This trendy sector is high-risk, high-reward, a perfect target for news-based traders who can profit on momentum without long-term exposure to risky startups. (AMEX:PVOTF)

Bonus Friday Top Performer: Adomani (NASDAQ:ADOM)


The electric school bus stock is up 30% so far today after announcing a huge runup in their order backlog this quarter. Order backlogs are often an indicator of strong demand and sustained sales for investors.

Adomani makes zero-emission electric hybrid vehicles and replacement high-efficiency drivetrains for existing fleets. The backlog, reflecting a large order of electric school buses by Blue Bird Corporation, adds up to impending sales totaling $6.5 million.

Today’s news is a welcome change of pace for ADOM, which has fallen precipitously from all-time highs around $15.00 as recently as July, 2017. 

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