Weekly Stock Market Recap: From Blockchain Fraud to Indonesian Gold

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Weekly Stock Market Recap:

It’s been another volatile week for markets, with solid rallies melting into steep selloffs solidifying into confident recoveries.

Traders continue to buy and sell furiously as the market searches for a comfortable valuation point. News-based traders, armed with quantitative stock trading tools, don’t have to worry about hitting “that perfect valuation.” They simply profit on the momentum created by other market participants looking to buy-and-hold securities at attractive long-term valuations.

Essentially, news-based traders with the right tools can attack the upside and the downside of major market trends. That’s why big hedge funds have been employing similar tactics for decades. Now, platforms like News Quantified are making news-based strategies possible for smaller investors.

Markets are on a break today for Good Friday, providing us with a good opportunity to recap the week’s action:

Weekly Top Performing Stocks:

On Monday, we looked at a major US sports retailer that posted sharp gains on news of its impending sale to a British competitor looking to access the US marketplace. NASDAQ:FINL

Tuesday, we examined a new explosive-scanning tech for freight driving its manufacturer to impressive gains.  NASDAQ:ASTC.

Wednesday brought news of a gold-stock rallying on reports of accelerating production from its Indonesian mining interests. AMEX:BMXI

Thursday, we switched it up to examine one of our top short plays of the week: a blockchain stock plummeting as a law firm begins investigating it for fraud. News Quantified users have made money on both the rise and fall of this stock. NASDAQ:LFIN

Using the News to Profit on Stocks

Yet again, the week’s action highlights the diversity of options available to traders equipped with a real-time news analytics service like News Quantified. These are just four of 1000’s of profitable plays available to our members—from the past week alone. Not many trading approaches are agile enough to find profits from blockchain fraud and Indonesian gold mines in the same week.

That’s because news-based trading isn’t a single strategy so much as a proven mechanism for accelerating the returns of virtually any stock market approach. Short or long, micro-cap to mega-cap, news analytics allow investors to keep their fingers on the pulse of the actual events driving price shifts.

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