Weekly Stock Market Recap + Big Gains for Bio-fuel Stock

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Weekly Recap:

It’s been another volatile week for stock traders. Quantitative trading strategies, driven by news event analysis, continue to thrive in the current market environment.

Our highlights for the week demonstrate a small sample of the diversity of news-based stock plays available to our members each week. If you’d like to get an up-close look at our platform (plus some tips on news-based trading strategies), there are still spots available in our next (totally free) training seminar:

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On Monday, we featured a building materials stock that skyrocketed after acquiring a major competitor. It’s still sitting up more than 100% since our news alert.

Tuesday, we took a look at the manufacturer of new grenade-like pepper spray devices. Demand is surging in the wake of renewed school shooting fears, and their stock is posting nice gains.

Wednesday, we alerted our users to a biotech stock’s announcement of a breakthrough on a new, healthier strain of wheat. Their stock more than tripled during the day’s trading.

During Thursday’s market session, we looked at nice gains on evidence of a solidifying financial situation for a recently struggling discount retailer.

Even during an incredibly unpredictable, roller-coaster week for markets, we found consistently profitable plays—both long and short. Increased market churn should generally lead to a larger differential between stocks being driven by news events and the broader market. That differential is just what our users need to maximize the profit potential of the news-based trading strategies enabled by our real-time analytics.

Friday’s Top Performer: Aemetis (AMTX) Up 100%

Completion of Biodiesel Facility for BP Leads Builder’s Stock Sharply Up

AMTX Stock News

As usual, trading news has been a been more muted this Friday after a tumultuous week. Indexes are posting modest gains at the time of this writing, with the Dow easily leading the NASDAQ and S&P.

Today’s Top Performer comes from the biofuels industry. Aemetis focuses on the biofuels space, owning major refineries that create “advanced biorefineries” from ethanol and biodiesel. They own major production facilities in California and India.

This morning, AMTX announced the completion of a major biofuel pre-processing facility, constructed in India as part of an agreement with BP Singapore. The new facility will allow for “the use of high Free Fatty Acid waste feedstocks by Universal Biofuels [a AMTX subsidiary] while meeting the biodiesel quality standards set by international fuel standards. “ Per the supply agreement with BP Singapore, the facility will supply biofuel products for the US and EU markets.

Investors have been eagerly snapping up the stock since the announcement, driving it to gains in excess of 100% at the time of this writing.

Keep checking our blog next week as traders keep fighting to find a stable valuation for the current market. The volatility they’re creating will only help investors employing quantitative stock trading strategies.

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