Weekly Recap + Friday Top Performer: Profitable Week in a Volatile Market

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Today’s Trading:

Markets continue to exhibit volatile behavior, posting broad-based rallies only to fall on sharp selloffs. Markets are up so far during today’s trading, looking to end the week on a high note after a roller-coaster week.

Divergent theories on the economic impact of rising interest rates appear to be driving much of the price churn. Today, US treasuries have retreated from recent highs, sending stocks floating upward.

In today’s blog, we recap some of the most profitable plays of the week—just a small sample of the 1000’s of profitable news alerts our platform generates in any given week. And take a peek at one final Top Performer for Friday’s trading. 

Weekly Recap:

Each day, the News Quantified blog takes a look at a news event that triggered an alert leading to market-beating gain. Our platform generates highly profitable plays in every sector imaginable, both short and long, and thrives on volatility. This week is a great example:

After Monday’s President’s Day trading holiday, markets came out of the gate strong Tuesday. We took a look at a red-hot startup, focused on providing on-demand valet parking services.

On Wednesday, a wire manufacturing stock led the pack, benefiting from a metal market that’s showing increasing price pressure.

Like metals, oil will prove an interesting pivot-point for traders as the economy continues heating up. On Thursday, we featured an oil stock that jumped out to nice gains after posting solid earnings and production numbers.

Another more traditional stock put up outstanding numbers during today’s trading, this time coming from the power manufacturing sector…

Friday Top Performer: Vicor Corporation (VICR) up big on earnings report.

VICOR Stock Up

Based in Massachusetts, Vicor manufactures various modular power components, all revolving around a proprietary high-frequency power conversion technology with zero-current switching.

They posted financial results just after the close of trading yesterday. Revenues are up sharply from both last year and the previous quarter. Perhaps more significantly, net income went positive this past quarter after dipping negative and shaking VICR’s stock.

With rising volumes on core products and an order backlog beginning to clear, VICR’s executive leadership see’s continued profits on the horizon.

Investors are betting on the continued resurgence of profits, buying the stock on heavy volume. It’s bouncing around 40% gain mark at the time of this writing.

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