Weekly Recap + Cannabis Stock Up 700% on REIT Formation

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The market turmoil rages on, with stocks down to start the day (albeit recovering mildly since then). Talk of “trade war” continues to build, though no one has a firm sense of how the current situation will play out. The Trump Administration’s tariffs won’t be particularly significant to the macroeconomy themselves. But if they mark the start of a protectionist skirmish, they could constitute a legitimate threat to global growth.

News Quantified users continued to profit through the chaos—volatility is historically associated with higher gains for news-based stock traders. If you’d like to see what our platform is capable of, use the button below to sign up for a free, no obligation training seminar.

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This week’s Top Performers continue to demonstrate that News Quantified generates profits from more traditional stock plays, not just trendy, headline-grabbing sectors. But today’s Top Performer comes from the other end of the spectrum: the red-hot cannabis industry.

Today’s Top Play: Stereo Vision (SVSN) – Cannabis REIT Sends Stock Up over 700%.

SVSN Stock Gains

Stereo Vision is Nevada company, generally focused on owning media subsidiaries, including Emmy-winning television production studios. In recent years, they’ve been diversifying into the burgeoning cannabis market space, owning a majority stake in CannaVision.

CannaVision operates a medicinal marijuana clinic and industrial hemp production facility in the state of Florida.

This morning, SVSN announced plans to file a $50 million REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) with the SEC. The proceeds will be used to purchase irrigated farmland for cannabis production, with projected profits of $140k per acre per harvest, due to the numerous byproducts of hemp production.

The news is driving the stocks to gains that are incredibly dramatic even for News Quantified users. The stock climbed as high as 700% before consolidating at its current price level, just over 500% up.

Whether you’re a believer in the potential of this new sector, or think the cannabis trend is overbought, you can use News Quantified news alerts to profit on the incredible market momentum that this trend is generating.

 Top Performers: Week in Review

On Monday, we covered an “Internet of Things” stock that jumped on news of integration with Discover’s payment system.

On Tuesday, we looked at a stock that creates artificial islands for the energy sector. They were down sharply on a dire financial outlook.

Wednesday, users registered nice profits on the sale of a major school bus operator.

Yesterday, Thursday, we looked at a nice rebound to profitability by a diversified manufacturing stock.

Keep checking the News Quantified blog as we sample some of the best from the 1000’s of news-based stock plays available on our platform each week.

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