Waste-Energy Stock Surges After Selection by Duke University Research Group

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At this point, we’re coming to expect the unexpected in this chaotic market environment. Yesterday, stocks posted a huge rally after opening down on trade fears. Today, the bulls came charging out of the gate, appearing to build on yesterday’s momentum. Yet the rally appeared to be losing steam at the time of this writing.

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Today’s Top Performer: PowerVerde AMEX:PWVI

Waste-Energy Stock Surges on Selection for Duke Research Project

PWVI Stock Gains

PowerVerde specializes in developing power technologies focused on waste-energy applications, which require special engineering to maximize efficiency by recovering as much energy as possible from the waste-conversion process.

PWVI is surging today after announcing that one of their power units has been selected by Duke University’s SCWO (Supercritical Water Oxidation) sanitation treatment research program. Numerous regions of the globe, particularly rural regions, lack access to sanitary toilet-sewage systems. Duke’s SCWO tech attempts to solve this problem by treating waste using a hyper-pressurized oxidation process. This process requires a substantial amount of power; by employing PWVI’s tech (which uses various proprietary mechanisms to recover energy from the chemical reaction), Duke seeks to maximize SCWO’s efficiency, thus making it accessible to smaller communities with more limited power resources.

Researchers believe a single 60 kW unit from PowerVerde could power the waste treatment needs of 6,000 person village. Energy efficiency is essential in this context: areas without access to developed sewer infrastructure are also likely to lack high-capacity electrical infrastructure.

The value of events like this transcend the first order revenue associated with the sale: we have a powerful signal of the viability of the underlying tech, as evaluated by a major university’s research program. Indeed, investors have been piling into PowerVerde since the announcement: it’s sitting up around 25% at the time of this writing after ascended over 40% in earlier trading.  

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