Teddy Bear Stock Leads Equity Rally

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The News Quantified Top Performer blog highlights diverse stock market plays every trading session. Often, market sentiment means daily Top Performers come from volatile sectors like blockchain, pharmaceutical development, and mineral mining.

The Teddy Bear sector is a less common entrant. But today, Build-a-Bear Workshop led a pack of solid long plays.

Markets started off lower today, presumably from yesterday’s news of continued inflationary indicators, but have since continued their bullish show of confidence in the face of rising prices and interest rates. Technology and Finance stocks are leading the broader rally.

With markets returning to an almost eerie calm after a dramatic correction, we continue to keep our ears to the ground for another bout of volatility, often the cue for even more dramatic news-based stock shifts.

Build-a-Bear Workshop (BBW): Big jump on strong profits.

Build-a-Bear, headquartered in the Midwestern United States in St. Louis, Missouri, has a rather unique business model. They do not manufacturer stuffed animals for sale in retail outlets. Rather, they operate “interactive storefront” locations at, for instance, shopping malls. Customers customize and create their stuffed animals in real-time, selecting an outfit and skin, stuffing the animal and choosing an audio voice box, and so on.

This morning, they announced earnings results for their FY2017. Like many retailers reliant on foot traffic in shopping malls—facing a broad decline in the United States—BBW is struggling with sales. Indeed, gross sales numbers were slightly off from last year.

The firm has managed to trim costs, however, driving an improving profit margin and a surge of investor interest: the stock is up 17% at the time of this writing. The stock is attempting to recover from a years’ long decline that saw share prices above $20 as recently as 2015.

BBW is beginning to more aggressively explore leveraging its brand through channels other than its physical stores.

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