Surgical Material Stock Gains 100%+ After Promising Research Update

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Daily Stock Market Summary: Markets are in modest negative territory this morning, breaking a multi-day streak of gains after a strong earnings season.  Markets appear to be reacting to geopolitical risks bubbling from the impending US withdrawal from its nuclear deal with Iran, announced today after months of speculation.

Oil prices are falling today after reaching a multi-year high during yesterday’s trading, which sparked a big rally in the energy sector. Some analysts appear to expect that while the Trump Administration will withdraw from the United States’ nuclear agreement with Iran, they’re likely to be cautious about re-imposing severe sanctions that could put a dent in global oil supply.

Geopolitical risk has made markets incredibly difficult to read in recent months, driving volatility as investors navigate the pull between strong earnings and longer-term risk. This sort of environment is actually associated with higher average returns for news-based, quantitative stock trading approaches. You can find out why, along with some foundational tips for news-based trading, in our next training session. It’s totally free and includes a virtual tour of our platform (which finally makes news-based trading approaches viable for smaller investors). Just sign up using the button below:

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AMDA Stock Gains

Today’s Top Performer:  Amedica (NASDAQ:AMDA)

Advanced Surgical Materials Stock Doubles During Day’s Trading

AMDA focuses on developing and marketing medical-grade silicon nitride ceramics. These materials are used in spinal fusions, as components in hip/knee arthroplasty, and in other surgical applications.

Their stock is surging today after AMDA announced an update from its current clinical study, comparing surgical outcomes for silicon nitride materials versus alternatives. Current data appears to suggest that AMDA’s approach is not only performing as expected, but better.

The news is leading to dramatic gains in short order for the company’s stock, with investors buying up AMDA to the tune of gains over 100% at the time of this writing. The gains mark a much-needed rally for AMDA, which had fallen below highs over $5.00 in November 2017. AMDA consistently traded higher than $100 as recently as June 2015.

Pharma stocks continue to be a consistent source for some of the most dramatic gains located by the News Quantified platform. Dramatic reactions to news events are the rule rather than the exception in this sector: the uncertainty of scientific development means even insiders can’t anticipate key research announcements, which can dramatically and instantly change the fair market value of a firm.  Keeping checking our blog for a small sample of the huge array of play available to our users each and every week.

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