Stock Market Week in Review: Volatility = Profits

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Stock Market Week in Review: Trading on Trade Wars?

It’s been another wild week for the stock market. Today, markets finally appear to be calming a bit (at least until next Monday) as traders take stock of a rapid-fire news week. No one knows what’s coming next: trade tensions are simmering, but negotiations apparently continue. The Syria crisis continues to build Middle East tensions, but investors don’t seem to have a firm opinion on whether that situation will affect markets.

This morning, markets came out of the gate up but quickly retreated to neutral, where they’ve been idling since. Today’s muted trading may actually be a bearish sign: a slew of bank earnings reports today was generally expected to provide fuel for bulls. Indeed, major banking stocks have been posting impressive earnings statements this morning. But investors don’t appear enthused. If fat banking profits aren’t enough to inspire bulls through the geopolitical haze, we may be in some for more volatile weeks of trading ahead.

Of course, that’s no problem for news-based traders. In fact, heightened volatility is associated with higher average returns for news-based approaches, backed by quantitative stock trading strategies. We earn money on momentum—no matter its direction. And we find plays with strong, predictable momentum by using news analysis to search for profitable events in every corner of the marketplace. You can see how we use the news to supercharge trading profits in one of our totally free training seminars (just sign up using the button below):

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This week’s Top Performers are a powerful example of the sheer diversity of plays unlocked by our platform.

Stock Market Weekly Top Performers

On Monday, we looked at a gaming accessories stock that surged on great first quarter financial results. NASDAQ:HEAR

Tuesday, we changed gears to find profits from a promising silver-gold mining alliance in Nevada. AMEX:LODE

Wednesday, we examined a defense stock experiencing nice growth on enthusiasm surrounding its new miniature combat drone, the “Switchblade.” NASDAQ:AVAV

Yesterday, we looked at a pharma stock posting nice gains after announcing encouraging research results for a new stem cell-cancer fighting approach. AMEX:IMUC

Keep checking the News Quantified blog for a small sample of the 1000’s of profitable plays available to our users each and every week. News-based trading isn’t so much a single strategy as a proven technique for maximizing the returns of any stock-trading approach you choose to employ. Real-time monitoring of news events simply unlocks a world of profits that hedge funds have been milking for years.

Check back in next week as we continue turning volatility into profits.

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