Stock Market Week in Review, Plus Big Gains for Oil Firm on Sale to Nigerian Cement Maker

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Stock Market Week in Review: Stocks are in modest loss territory this Friday to close out the week, though the NASDAQ is clinging to small gains at the time of this writing. Indeed, the brunt of today’s selling was felt by the energy sector: crude indexes fell sharply today after news that Russia has met with OPEC representatives to discuss raising current production caps.

Other acute headwinds for the macroeconomy have receded, however: US 10-year treasuries are back at 2.93%, a fall of over 15 basis points on the week. This week, the US Federal Reserve sought to assure investors it wouldn’t allow rates to rise too fast and risk damaging economic growth. Some analysts, however, perceive this shift in Fed rhetoric as a sign that the bank sees dangers to sustained growth on the horizon.

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Top Performers: Week in Review

On Monday, took a look at a pesticide maker surging on news of a new non-lethal rat control approach’s regulatory approval in California. (NASDAQ:SNES)

Tuesday, we examined an IT services stock posting dramatic gains on news of a return to profitability after years-long financial struggles. (NASDAQ:ICLD)

Wednesday, we looked at a medical device company gaining after FDA approval of a new artery-clearing device featuring real-time intravascular imaging. (NASDAQ:AVGR)

Thursday, we switched gears to a look a company that operates a “digital currency platform.” The stock was surging on plans for a new prepaid card compatible with digital and conventional currencies. (AMEX:ARGB)

Today’s Top Performer: Century Petroleum (AMEX:CYPE)


CYPE is an oil and gas exploration firm which offers services throughout the United States.  Their stock is up nearly 150% at the time of this writing, skyrocketing after the announcement of its sale of a majority stake to the Ibeto Cement Company, based in Nigeria. Its chairman, Dr. Cletus Ibeto, purchased a 70% stake in CYPE. Dr. Ibeto., a prominent billionaire in Nigeria’s fast-growing economy, plans to use to CYPE’s industrial process expertise in the construction of new cement plants (cement is currently a booming industry in West Africa’s regional economy).

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