Stock Market Week in Review: Earnings and More

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Stock Market Week in Review: Markets are posting outstanding gains today after idling in modestly negative territory much of the week. Solid jobs numbers (vitally, without the sort of wage growth that could cause the Fed to raise rates) appeared to be the immediate catalyst for the rally. News that legendary value investor Warren Buffet has recently acquired millions of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares provided a strong boost for the tech sector.

We’ve been focused largely on long plays this week (as with the last). A strong earnings season provided ample opportunities for news-based traders. News-alerts, combined with quantitative analytics, provide the perfect avenue for trading earnings news in the most efficient manner possible. We examine the foundations of news-based trading in our totally free virtual training seminars. Just sign up for the next session using the button below:

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Weekly Top Performer Recap:

On Monday, we examined a pharma stock posting gains after announcing its impending acquisition. (NASDAQ:STDY)

Tuesday, we checked in on some nice gains by a video security firm that won a major Park Avenue high-rise upgrade contract. (AMEX:DIRV)

Wednesday, a shipboard fueling stock was bought up on heavy volume after announcing a legal settlement to an ongoing shareholders dispute.(NYSE:ANW)

Thursday, yesterday, we looked at earnings-beat gains for a surgical company specializing in implantable lens technology. (NASDAQ:STAA)

Bonus Friday Top Performer: Commercial Vehicle Group (NASDAQ:CVGI)


Commercial Vehicle Group manufactures a variety of cab-related support products for commercial vehicles, ranging from freight trucks to buses and military vehicles. Offerings are comprehensive, ranging from utility systems like wipers to major structural additions (like sleeper boxes).

CVGI is gaining sharply today after posting an earnings beat after the close of trading yesterday. Revenues were up over 24% year over year, with costs slimming as relocation and litigation costs from past years come off the books.

Investors are buying the stock on heavy volume, pushing it to gains as high as 65%. The stock is proving volatile after an initial bump from its earnings announcement, however, retreating to gains around 7% at the time of this writing.

Comprehensive data on past earnings-announcements is the best way to determine a smart exit point after an earnings-based trade. That’s why a data-rich platform like News Quantified can be so powerful for maximizing earnings-based trading approaches. We ’ve prepared a foundational guide to earnings-based trading if you’d like to learn more; you can access it using the button below.

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