Solar-Hydrogen Tech Breakthrough Sends Stock Skyrocketing

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Volatility continues to rule the roost. The only thing predictable about the current market environment is the unpredictability.  Markets started the day on a positive note, plummeted, and have since been posting a modest recovery into positive territory.

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Today’s Top Performer comes from the solar energy sector, still experiencing explosive growth as improved technologies continue to push its price point closer to fossil fuels in more and more markets. This stock provides some extra strategic diversification, as it is also tightly integrated into hydrogen production.

HyperSolar (HYSR): tech breakthrough sends solar-hydrogen stock shooting up.

HYSR Stock Up Solar Power Hydrogen

HyperSolar has been focused on developing an innovative technology for using solar power, combined with any stock of water, to create hydrogen. Hydrogen-based energy systems offer powerful advantages, but the difficulty of producing and transporting hydrogen is itself a major obstacle to the widespread adoption of these technologies. The potential for localized hydrogen generation, fueled by solar power, is consequently immense.

Early this morning, HYSR announced that they had “successfully applied its proprietary 3-dimensional oxygen catalyst within a fully integrated hydrogen production device that uses readily available triple-junction amorphous silicon solar cells.” The significant takeaway for potential investors is this: the most vital technology underpinning HyperSolar’s approach appears to be viable. HYSR hopes to eventually achieve fuel costs around 1/3 that of current retail hydrogen prices.

So far focused on foundational research, this announcement marks a new phase of development for HyperSolar. Research is allowing a vision for a commercially-viable, first generation product to come into focus.

Investors appear enthused, to say the least, buying the stock on heavy volume. The stock jumped nearly 90% before consolidating at its current price point, up around 30%. It sits far below all-time highs achieved in 2015, and investors are being driven by both technological potential and a potential undervaluation.

HyperSolar’s technology, like any other in the development stage, is far from proven. Its upside is clear. But news-based traders can profit off the momentum generated by the potential of this technological innovation whether or not this particular implementation turns out to be commercially viable.

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