Rumble Revenge: Vibrating Electronics Stock Jumps on Legal Win

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Finally taking a break from the red-hot momentum that has continued propelling stocks so far in 2018, markets are down broadly so far during today’s session. A disappointing GDP reading Friday, coupled with an ongoing fall in US Treasuries and the Dollar, look to be leading the way down.

The declines are broad-based, with all three major US indexes down at the time of this writing and declining issues outnumbering advancing 4:1.

The return to volatility that could emerge as we eventually find the top of this legendary bull market will be a boon for News Quantified users, creating additional profitable trading opportunities.  Whether long or short, we find profitable trades in every market environment – but volatility helps maximize these gains.

Immersion (IMMR): up big after reaching a global settlement with Apple and new deal with Nintendo.


IMMR develops “haptic feedback” technologies for consumer electronic devices. Haptic means “having to do with the sense of touch,” and these devices include, for instance, vibrating game controllers and cellphone screens.

IMMR has been in a lengthy legal battle with Apple, whom they charge utilized their technology without paying the proper licensing fees. They already succeeded in a similar lawsuit against Sony Entertainment.

The stock suffered last week after news broke that Apple would retain control of a substantial portion of the patents in question. As the details of the outcome emerge this week, investors are looking more favorably on IMMR’s partial victory, which did manage to secure themselves ownership of a substantial number of the claims in question.

Meanwhile, they added to the positive momentum by announcing a new licensing deal with Nintendo. Nintendo was not widely expected to have need of IMMR’s tech, as Nintendo has long been positioned as an entertainment industry leader in haptic technologies, dating back to the mid 90’s Nintendo 64 “Rumble Pack.”

Their decision to license IMMR bodes well for the long-term value of the stock’s IP, which may have broader applications than investors initially realized.

Investors piled into the stock on these two positive news events, driving it to gains over 50% at the time of this writing.

Diverse Plays, Great Profits: All in a single news day.

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