Reading Software Stock Surging on Adoption by Wyoming School Districts

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Yesterday’s early rally faded over the course of the trading session, and traders are sustaining that bearish momentum so far during today’s trading: all major indexes are down sharply so far. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing announced an extremely disappointing forecast for chip revenues (NYSE:TSM). This evidence lead to a broader selloff in tech, with investors surmising that falling component demand is a leading indicator of falling sales. Meanwhile, yields on the US Treasury again pierced 2.9%: many analysts believe this rate level helped trigger February’s steep selloff.

We expect more volatility ahead, with solid earnings continuing to duel with a stormy macro picture in the battle for the hearts and minds of stock traders.

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Today’s Top Performer: Scientific Learning (NASDAQ:SCIL)

Neuroscience-Based Reading Education Software Surging on Influx of Government Contracts

SCIL Gains

SCIL focuses on harnessing cutting-edge neuroscience research to create software-based reading intervention program. Today, they announced that a set of at least 6 Wyoming school districts will be adopting SCIL’s Fast ForWord program. The districts made this decision after a free-trial period.

Fast ForWord is designed for reading interventions for students ranging from students who simply are a bit behind to students with substantial learning disabilities. The program targets particular cognitive skills that research has demonstrated is vital to improved reading abilities, backed by built-in practice regimens. While the market for learning software is large, this opportunity in Wyoming may demonstrate a particularly viable niche for this product: rural school districts that can’t efficiently provide specialized reading instruction.

Investors are buying the stock to the tune of 30%+ gains at the time of this writing. It’s the latest accomplishment for Scientific Learning, which has been on a tear for the past 3 years.

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