Peanut Allergy Treatment Sends Stock Up Sharply

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Markets have provided an impressive show of confidence during today’s session. They traded up mildly to start the day’s trading before being hit with the news investors were—supposedly—fearing all week: a pickup in US inflation, coupled with weakening sales data. The twin specter of inflation and earnings slowdown was widely cited as driving the recent market pullback, and stocks fell markedly on the news.

But then they simply resumed their upward climb. The month continues to provide unexpected results and dramatic swings in sentiment. And the higher volatility goes, the more news-based trading opportunities can beat average performances from more passive strategies.

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DBV Technologies (DBVT): up on FDA consideration of Peanut Allergy Treatment

DBVT Stock Gains

DBV Technologies was up sharply today after announcing that the United States FDA agrees that available data support a forthcoming license application for using DBV Technology’s new peanut allergy treatment in children ages 4-11. About one million US children suffer from this often severe allergy.

DBVT is developing a broadly applicable immunotherapy “treatment platform,” known as Viaskin, which they hope can help patients suffering from a large variety of allergy conditions. Viaskin delivery treatments through intact skin, utilizing DBVT’s innovative “epicutaneous immunotherapy” approach.

They hope to eventually offer a diverse product lineup including Viaskin Peanut, Milk, an Egg. Investors bought the stock on heavy volume, driving it to initial gains above 40%. It has since consolidated to gains around 27%. The pharmaceutical development sector continues to be unmatched for 1-day hold time trades in recent weeks: regulatory announcements that most smaller investors could never hope to track manually drive rapid valuation shifts. A savvy approach to news-based trading is essential in this often volatile portion of the marketplace.

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