Parking Startup Continues Surging as Markets Churn

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The volatile tone of recent trading continues as the market emerges from President’s Day. Results are mixed, with the Dow and S&P down and the NASDAQ up at the time of this writing. International trading trended broadly downward over the US President’s day trading holiday.

Market participants remain engaged in a tug of war concerning the potential effects of coming rate increases from the US Federal Reserve. Morgan Stanley, for instance, thinks a larger correction is looming, even as BlackRock thinks US tax cuts are poised to drive a profit boom.

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DropCar (DCAR): surging momentum for valet parking app continues.

DropCar (DCAR) Stock

DCAR pulled off a rare feat: doubling up as our daily Top Performer. We also featured DropCar in last Friday’s blog—News Quantified users secured handy profits after DCAR surged following a positive business report on a recent merger.

Users who picked up the stock on, say, a 5-day hold time are continuing to benefit during today’s trading: the stock is up 23% so far today, after surging as high as 40%. The continuing momentum was driven by a news announcement that DCAR has come to a services agreement with Jaguar Land Rover of Manhattan.

In a promising move into a potentially untapped lucrative B2B market, DCAR will utilize an enterprise implementation of its platform to facilitate automated pickup and delivery of customer vehicles for service—parking lots are an extreme expense in hyper-dense New York City.

Investors appear enthusiastic that DropCar’s business model can be applied to a wide variety of potential value streams.

This trade provides a great example of how powerful a tool the News Quantified platform can be. Check out how well our news events (on the mornings of the 16th and 20th) match up with the dynamics of DCAR’s price gains over the last five days:

DCAR Price Movement

Users who bought the stock on a 5-day hold time have obviously made out very well. But, of course, many news-based stock traders prefer the limited exposure of a 1-day hold. And even a trader who bought the stock on our initial alert, sold it Friday evening, and bought again this morning, has extracted incredible value of a single stock in just two trading sessions.

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