News Quantified Founder to Appear at Major Investing Conference: Free Registration Opportunity for Wealth365


Today, we’re pleased to announce that News Quantified’s founder and CEO, Oliver Schmalholz,  has been selected to appear at one of the biggest investor events of the year: the Wealth365 Conference. Our blog is all about helping people learn how to profit from the stock market, and this event offers a truly unique opportunity to level-up your trading knowledge.

In short, Wealth365 is a professional-grade financial conference that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home (maybe even while keeping an eye on some choice stock movements on your second monitor).

Here’s what you need to know about the conference:

  • Sponsored by Forbes and other titans of the financial world, the conference centers on 80+ featured speakers, all financial thought leaders eager to exchange ideas with the investors, traders, and entrepreneurs who attend.
  • The conference was created to help propagate some of the biggest innovations in investing; it features new strategic insight, broader educational content, and practical tips from people who have learned how to win in financial markets.
  • The conference was also built from the ground-up for busy professionals: it’s totally virtual. Wealth365’s creators have managed to create a loaded conference lineup with 6 days of speakers including CNBC “Shark Tank” star Kevin Harrington. Unless you’re desperate for a conference lunch buffet, we think this format is preferable in every way for today’s investor.
  • You  can claim a ticket for free through News Quantified (just use the orange “Register Now” button at the bottom of this page).
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes and giveaways planned for conference attendees. You don’t need News Quantified to know that “Free Conference + Valuable Giveaways=Profitable Time.”

If you’d like to learn more, Kevin Harrington provides a great intro video below:


Kevin talks about how this event is all about “getting out ahead of the curve,” and we agree. The fact is, big institutional investors never stop exchanging information. Whether over martinis, at conferences, or during a round of golf, the pro’s will never stop looking for every available informational advantage. For smaller investors to stand a chance, the right knowledge sharing tools are essential. That’s what News Quantified is all about, and why we’re so excited to partner up with Wealth365.

This conference (the biggest version of Wealth365 held so far) will take place over six days from July 16-21.

Oliver will appear Monday at 2PM Eastern Time. We’re excited to reveal that he’ll be joined by special guest Dr. Joshua Livnat, a longtime professor at NYU’s prestigious Stern Business School. Dr. Livnat happens to be behind some of the research that stands at the foundation of our approach to investing.

Working with a team of researchers from four major universities that conducted an extensive examination of the News Quantified dataset, Dr. Livnat determined that after-hours news releases can consistently help predict a stock’s price not only during the following session but for an entire quarter. He’ll be discussing his research with attendees alongside Oliver, ready to share his insight with any investors who can find the time to attend.

News-based trading is no gimmick: it’s a novel and more effective way to think about how markets absorb changing information over time. And that’s par for the course for Wealth365: impactful insights over get-rich-quick hype.

Take advantage of free registration through News Quantified: we recommend claiming your spot immediately using the button below. Whether you’re a veteran trader looking to shore up your knowledge base or a beginner looking for a kickstart for your interest in investing, Wealth365 is an awesome opportunity to interact with some of the best minds in money.


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