Markets Stumble, Chinese Efficient Energy Stock Flies

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Daily Stock Market Summary

Another day, another bout of volatile trading for the US stock market. Lead down by Facebook (which, over the weekend, revealed user data had been harvested by a political analytics firm during the 2016 election), markets opened sharply down to start off today’s trading. Ongoing political turmoil in the United States also appears to be affecting investor sentiment as the bears start to take over after weeks of a fierce back and forth tug-of-war with bullish funds.

It promises to be another action-packed week for markets, with a rate hike from the US Federal Reserve expected later this week.

News-based, quantitative trading approaches continue to excel in this environment. Long plays driven by positive news events (like today’s Top Performer) can still easily pierce the haze of the declining market to deliver outstanding profits. You can learn about how news-based trading strategies help smaller investors beat market averages in our weekly training seminars. They’re totally free, and include a virtual tour of our platform:

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Today’s Top Performer: NF Energy Saving Corporation (NFEC)

Chinese efficient-energy stock posts explosive growth on news of major new contracts.

NFEC Stock Gains

NF Energy is an energy conservation firm.  They offer energy-saving technologies, technical services, and engineering project leadership for clients looking to minimize energy waste. Their clients are largely clustered in large-scale power generation, including geothermal, nuclear, and hydroelectric. They also support large energy users such as water and heat utilities.

This morning, they announced agreements to sell over $2.5 million in efficient valves in support of two major projects: a chemical pulp processing plant and a new renewable energy center in Shanghai. The contract is significant enough to markedly improve NFEC’s cash flow outlook for the year. They expect the bump to occur in their Q2 or Q3 financials.

The news led to an utter buying frenzy: the stock sits up over 160% at the time of this writing. And those gains actually represent a pullback from an earlier run as high as 257%.  

Renewables and other efficient energy technologies continue to offer a red-hot market sector. Increasingly, companies providing support services to this burgeoning sector have begun providing lucrative plays on this trend. Support services stocks have the benefit of being diversified across technology types.

Keep checking our blog this week, which promises to be an interesting one for markets. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best of the 1000’s of profitable news-based stock trades available to our users every single week.

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