Marine Oil Stock Surges after Reaching Legal Settlement

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Daily Stock Market Primer: Stocks are trading near neutral so far, with markets awaiting news from the US Federal Reserve later today. Analysts are concerned that rising asset prices, coupled with inflation that’s nearing the Fed’s target for the first time in years, will lead to an accelerated pace of rate hikes. More outstanding earnings news (last night from Apple; NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to be stemming any bearish trading in anticipation of Fed rate increases.

These powerful cross-currents continue to define a market environment that’s incredibly difficult to predict on a day to day basis. Strong earnings are both a salve for investor fears of an overheating economy and part-and-parcel of the same potential overheating. Consequently, it looks to be a volatile summer.

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Today’s Top Performer: Aegean Marine Petroleum (NYSE:ANW)

Legal Settlement Sends Marine-Fuel Stock Sharply Up


Aegean Marine Petroleum is a marine fuel logistics firm. Their business model centers on delivering marine fuel and lubricant products to ships, both in port and out-to-sea (including both cargo lines and cruise ships).

Today, they announced a major legal settlement with RBM holdings. As part of this settlement, three partners from RBM will be named to ANW’s Board of Directors. ANW had been entangled in shareholder’s lawsuit with a group of investors including RBM.

The stock has been moving up sharply since the announcement, sitting up around 18% at the time of this writing. Legal troubles have pushed ANW down from highs over $12 as recently as April 2017. The stock could have some room to run.

Legal news continues to be a powerful source for Top Performing news events. Legal proceedings can be inscrutable for outside investors: traders have to wait for legal outcomes to properly value a company. This fact can cause companies to suddenly shift in value immediately upon the issuance of legal news, a perfect opportunity for news-based traders.

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