Innovative Medicine, Fat Profits: 12/21 Top Performers

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Markets have started the day off with solid gains, broad-based among virtually all sectors. The passage of major US tax cuts pushed against some macroeconomic headwinds, including a US Q3 GDP estimate that came in under expectations. The US job market also posted a poor month, but tax cut optimism reigned supreme.

Today’s Top Performer comes from the pharmaceutical sector. As the market remains near all-time highs, investors remain hungry for stocks that aren’t already fully valued at their long-term earning potential. Pharmaceutical companies continue to generate substantial same-day price movement—a  single patent or clinical trial announcement can create or end whole product lines.

With the right real-time news analytics tool—like News Quantified—investors can ride these same-day price swings to truly dramatic gains.

Aeterna Zentaris (AEZS): jumps on news of FDA approval for innovative new treatment.

Aeterna Zentaris is a drug development and commercialization company. This morning, they announced that the FDA has approved their drug Macrilen, to be used in the diagnosis of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. AEZS estimates that around 60,000 AGHD tests are currently issued to patients in the US, Canada, and Europe every year.

Macrilen is orally ingested, and aids in the detection of growth hormone deficiencies in subsequent blood samples. It is expected to allow for the use of a quick draw of blood. The current technology requires an hours-long blood drawing session, an immense cost for patient and endocrinologist.

With such a clear-cut advantage over current approaches, Macrilen is expected to command substantial market share. Investors bought the stock on heavy volume after the announcement, driving the stock to gains around 45% at the time of this writing. The stock had shot up to gains near 100% before consolidating at its current price level.

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