Gold Find in Arizona Desert Sends Mining Stock Up

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Volatility continues to return with a vengeance, just as many veteran investors predicted during the rise of what seemed like an unstoppable bull market.

Going forward, we expect heightened volatility to continue creating new news-based trading opportunities.

Yesterday, markets posted modest gains for most of the day before plummeting during an end-of-session selloff that left major indexes in the red. Equities are down to start today’s session, with continued interest rate pressure on US treasury bonds fueling the downward momentum.

While News Quantified predictably locates many “short” plays during such market corrections, it’s important to understand that positive news events can easily outweigh broader downward momentum in the market.

Today’s Top Performer comes from the gold sector, which has actually been recovering as a whole during the current pullback—gold prices appear to be recovering as investors return to hedging.

Tombstone Exploration (TMBXF): nice gains on promising drilling results

Tombstone News Stock Gains

This morning, TMBXF announce positive exploratory “Phase 2” drilling results from its “Stardust Gold Project.” Located in Yuma County, Arizona, USA, the field is 100% owned by Tombstone.

A historical gold mining site, Yuma is being explored by Tombstone using new drilling technologies. They are hoping to find substantial deposits overlooked by legacy mining operations. Survey results, while initially disappointing, have begun locating rich quartz veins and quantities of gold and silver.

Investors bought this penny-stock heavily on the news, driving it to gains around 15% at the time of this writing, even as the broader market falls.

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