From the Macro-economy to Personal Money Management: Registration Opportunity for Wealth Conference

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We announced yesterday that News Quantified’s co-founder, Oliver Schmalholz, will be appearing as a featured speaker at the Wealth365 Conference. Quite a few readers took advantage of the chance to register for free through News Quantified, and we wanted to offer one more opportunity today. While we hope you check out Oliver’s session, we think the entire conference is a great opportunity to reach the next level of financial knowledge. Plus, it’s totally virtual, ideally flexible for busy professionals. And you can attend on us—sign up using the button here, or at the bottom of this page.


This opportunity lets you expand your investing horizons in many different substantive areas. A brief sampling of speakers includes thinking on everything from the macroeconomy to personal wealth management to real estate investing.

This conference features speakers covering everything from the fine details of specific trading systems to high level investing philosophy:

  • We’ve been benefiting from an incredible bull run since the start of the Trump Administration. While many commentators credit deregulation, it’s also true that most Presidents enjoy a honeymoon period in their first year or so. Perhaps because money on the sidelines due to political skepticism of previous administrations starts seeking out riskier assets. Ralph Acampora, Director of Tactical Investments with Altair Wealth Management, will look at how to anticipate these dynamics by looking at the bond market.
  • At the News Quantified blog, we have frequently featured blockchain related stocks as daily Top Performers. Trading these stocks using news event analysis helps profit from the white-hot momentum this sector can drive, without buy-and-hold risk in a deeply uncertain marketplace. Speaker Dan Gramza, President of Gramza Capital, will look at Bitcoin Options as a vehicle for a similar strategy: profiting from Bitcoin without owning it.
  • Another frequent driver of some of our most dramatic same-day profits, Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest techs for investors. We’re still learning where its most effective applications will be, however, so any given investment will be fairly risky. David Aferiat and Sean McLaughlin from Trade Ideas will conduct a deep dive into the pros and cons of investing in this white-hot play.
  • The News Quantified platform was built from the ground up to help place smaller investors on equal footing with institutional investors in the hunt for data-driven profits. In that vein, we’re excited to see Ray Burchett’s session on the strategic advantages retail-scaler investors can leverage over bigger players.
  • And then there’s the big featured speaker, Kevin Harrington. One of the original “sharks” from CNBC’s hit series “Shark Tank” (a show about investing in business concepts), Kevin has also started business ventures generating over $5 billion in sales globally. He’ll share some of his foundational philosophies for growing wealth. You can check out his teaser video for the conference here:
  • You can probably guess the topic of our own session: helping smaller investors get in on the news-based trading profits that hedge funds have been harvesting for decades. But there’s an added twist this time: Oliver will be joined by Dr. Joshua Livnat, a longtime instructor at NYU’s prestigious business school. He helped lead the multi-university research team that examined News Quantified’s dataset and arrived at some of the basic insights the drive our users’ profits every day.

We could go on. This conference features 80+ speakers over six days. You can view the full schedule here. And you can sign up for a ticket for free using the button below:


Oh, and there will be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes and giveaways. We look forward to hearing from some of our readers at Oliver’s session, and we hope many more of you get a chance to check out some of these other fascinating topics. We know our team will be watching many of them.

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