Electric Car Charging Stock Surging for the Second Time in Two Weeks

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Daily Stock Market Summary: Stocks are posting another show of confidence today after a pullback during yesterday’s session, pushing forward despite newfound uncertainty on the Korean peninsula. Nike (NYSE:NKE) and Macy’s (NYSE:M) are leading the pack, with strong earnings from Macy’s, in particular, salving investor fears over retail sales after poor results from Home Depot yesterday. Analysts continue to warn about choppy waters in the days ahead as US 10-year Treasuries continue to drift over 3%.

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Today’s Top Performer: Blink Charging Company (NASDAQ:BLNK)

Electric Car Charging Stock Post Sharp Gains on Earnings Release


We featured Blink just last week, when their stock posted dramatic gains on news that Whole Foods had selected their charging system for use in its future stores (also representing an implicit endorsement from Amazon). Today, their stock is posting another profitable performance after issuing an earnings beat for Q1, 2018.

BLNK operates a network of electric car charging stations across the United States. These stations are monitored and managed using a nationwide cloud network; users can locate the stations using a free app.

BLNK moved from a $3.1 million loss in the same quarter last year to a $2.2 million profit this year. They have also substantially improved their balance sheet over the past year, with Total Assets up 335%. Executives appear confident in continued growth as the company continues to transition from its initial development efforts to full-scale distribution.

Investors are pouring into the stock since the announcement, driving it to gains over 45% at the time of this writing. News Quantified users who picked up the stock on last week’s News Alert planning on holding it through today’s earnings announcement are now up an astonishing 400%.

Today’s price point easily marks an all-time high for the stock, which was first sold to public this February.

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