Discount Retailer Stock Shoots Up 100%+ as Finances Solidify

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Daily Stock Market Primer:

After sharp losses during yesterday’s trading, markets are posting a modest recovery today. Boeing—which lead the Dow down yesterday—is leading the pack back up today, with the Dow up solidly while the S&P 500 and NASDAQ idle near zero. Solid manufacturing data, coupled with lessening pressure on interest rates, appears to be driving the rebound.

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Today’s Top Performer: Stein Mart (SMRT)

Struggling Retailer Rebounds, Gets Credit Injection from Wells Fargo, Stock Skyrockets.

SMRT Stock Gains

The decline of traditional retail has been a major multi-year trend for equity markets. Stein Mart has been one of many stocks pressured by the move to online purchasing: their stock sank from 2015 highs around $12/share to the sub-dollar range. Stein Mart is a discount clothing and home goods retailer, offering name-brand products for value-conscious shoppers.

News-based trading often means following these macro-market trends. But it can also mean using these trends to find unexpected value as firms seek to adapt to a changing market environment.

Stein Mart is up sharply in today’s trading, nearly doubling so far during the session, on solid earnings news, paired with a new credit agreement. It advanced as much as 200% before consolidating at its current price point.

Credit agreements can provide multiple indications to traders. First, and most directly, they improve the liquidity situation of the firm: SMRT now has $60 million plus in cash plus credit line. More broadly, this agreement tells us that a major financial institution (in this case Wells Fargo) inspected Stein Mart’s financials and found them satisfactory.

While down from its all-time highs, SMRT has managed to consolidate its financials into a solidly profitable business model. Net operating income for 2017Q4 was 4 million after an 8 million dollar loss in the same quarter 2016.

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