Clean Engine Stock Beats Friday’s Selloff for Dramatic Profits

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Last Friday, we witnessed a dramatic close to a week that marked a sudden correction for a historic bull run. With underlying fundamentals for equities—like a retreating bond market—in flux, we can expect continued volatility in the coming weeks. Underlying economic indicators and corporate cash flow remain strong, however, and few analysts are predicting a broader downturn.

Today, we take a look back to Friday to take a look at our performance during a dramatic market event. In general, volatility only helps news-based traders find nice profits. Even long-focused news event traders were partially protected during Friday’s downturn—positive news can provide a powerful ward against generalized downward pressure, especially if other long-focused traders are focused on the same islands of positivity.

Our Top Performer from last Friday was predictably a short play. Indeed, News Quantified members who shorted IP (Impinj Inc.) enjoyed a nice margin as the stock plummeted 45%. Today, we quickly highlight an example long play from Friday’s selloff—it posted strong gains even as the broader market fell, demonstrating how effectively good news analytics can isolate your trading strategy from profit-sucking market cross-currents.

Cyclone Power Tech (AMEX): outstanding gains after announcing sale of key ownership stake sale.

Cyclone Power Gains

On Friday, Cyclone Power Tech announced that they would be selling a 20% stake in Class A stock to a group of private investors. They will receive $5 million in the sale.

AMEX has been developing an innovative eco-friendly internal combustion engine designed “ to run everything from waste energy electric generators and solar thermal systems to cars, trucks, and locomotives.” This news seems to mark a new level of commitment for serious private investors buying into the commercial potential of the technology.

Investors bought the stock enthusiastically on the news, driving it to gains over 30% even as the broader market fell. News Quantified users who bought the stock and are still holding have enjoyed even more dramatic gains: it currently sits up nearly 100%.

Diverse Plays, Great Profits: All in a single news day.

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