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Cancer-Fighting Stem Cell Clones Send Stock Shooting Up

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Daily Stock Market Primer

Markets are surging today: yet another sudden turnabout after a sharp retreat during yesterday’s trading. The possibility of delayed US action on Syria appears to be driving the upward climb. Geopolitics continues to dominate market narratives, though some strong earnings results are also helping pull indexes up today, with strong numbers from giants like BlackRock and Delta Airlines. More earnings announcements are due tomorrow morning.

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Today’s Top Performer: ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, AMEX:IMUC

Stem Cell Research Progress Fuels Stock Gains

IMUC Stock Gains

IMUC, based in Los Angeles, is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical research firm focused on immune-based treatments for cancers, particularly brain cancer. Today, they announced progress in one of their pipeline’s main research projects: the Stem-to-T Cell Program.

IMUC is attempting to use stem cells harvested from the cancer patients themselves to fight cancer. Once harvested, the stem cells are cloned into T-Cells (a type of immune cell employed by body) that are specifically targeted to the cancer in question. The stem cells can easily be kept alive, providing a potent ongoing source of T-Cells for the patient. If successfully implemented, this treatment could be potentially usable on a wide array of cancer types.

Today’s announcement concerns the successful completion of a key milestone in developing this treatment: the successful transfer of T-cell DNA to a stem cell.

Investors are buying the stock on heavy volume, driving it to 15% gains at the time of this writing (while flirting with gains as high as 38% during the session’s trading). This surge of interest may give new life to IMUC, trading in the sub-dollar range after falling from $20+ prices as recently as 2015.

Pharmaceutical stocks continue to prove a rich hunting ground for News Quantified users: it’s a sector where news announcements (like today’s) can instantly and dramatically change the value of a stock. Even the most informed pharma investors in the world can’t know ahead of time which research approaches will succeed. Which leaves plenty of time for investors equipped with real-time new analysis systems (like News Quantified) to swoop in and score some handy profits.

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