Cancer Biotech Stock Surges on Positive Data from Clinical Trials

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The stock market looks like it’s off to the races for another dramatic week of trading: major indexes are in freefall today as China responds to US metal tariffs with duties on US agricultural exports. Amazon is plummeting after being condemned for alleged tax avoidance by US President Donald Trump.

So far, bulls have been unable to “buy the dip” in sufficient quantities to pad today’s selloff: major indexes are falling fast at the time of this writing, with the NASDAQ leading the way down—off more than 3%. The market is now definitively in correction territory.

Yet news-based traders, using quantitative stock trading tools, continue to thrive. Short plays are part of this strategy, but so are positive news events strong enough to drive long profits amidst market turmoil. You can learn more about using news-based investing to beat the market (hedge funds have been doing it for years) in one of our free weekly training sessions. These seminars are totally free and come with a virtual tour of our platform. There’s still space left for the next session:

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Today’s Top Performer: Sellas Life Sciences Group, NYSE:SLS

Biotech Stock Surges on Promising Data for New Cancer Treatment

SLS Stock News Event

Sellas Life Sciences group is focused on clinical-stage pharmaceutical development, specifically novel cancer immunotherapies. Their principle development effort, based on tech licensed from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, targets a particular tumor-associated protein, WT1.

This morning, they announced positive interim results from a new experimental treatment for breast cancer patients. Supplementing existing cancer treatments with therapies in development by SLS is so far associated with statistically significant improvements in treatment outcomes.

Investors have been piling into the stock since the announcement, driving SLS to gains in excess of 90% at the time of this writing. The stock earlier ascended as high as 130%–even during today’s sharp overall retreat. Pharmaceutical stocks continue to present rich opportunities for news-based traders. A single announcement can dramatically change the way markets value a given company: this is an industry where the success or failure of a single treatment will define an entire firm.

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