Biotech Stock Triples in Hours After Announcing Wheat Breakthrough

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Daily Stock Market Primer:

Markets briefly jumped out to gains as the session opened before entering into a sharp drop that appears to be slowing at the time of this writing. Echoing the trend of recent week’s trading, the NASDAQ has avoided the steeper declines experienced by the Dow and S&P: tech stocks are generally being spared the worst of investors’ tariff fears.

Anxiety over the potential for a global trade war still appears to be driving downward momentum. Aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing, for instance, has been leading the way down: it both uses large quantities of steel/aluminum, depends heavily on exports, and employ a deeply internationalized supply chain.

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Today’s Top Performer: Arcadia Biosciences (RKDA)

Biotech stock’s value triples in a few hours on news of a breakthrough on wheat.

RKDA Stock Up 200%

Arcadia Biosciences focuses on developing agriculture products that add value for farmers, drive sustainability improvements, and offer healthier consumer food choices.

This morning, they announced successful research into a new strain of wheat. This strain features higher levels of “resistant starch” than the commercial wheat products that currently dominate the market. Specifically, they met two key milestones as part of their “High Fiber Resistant Starch Wheat Program.”

This new wheat contains higher levels of amylose, a carbohydrate that is digested more slowly than many other starches. This slower digestive process limits dramatic swings in glucose levels, driving numerous benefits for gastrointestinal health and obesity-related conditions, including both heart disease and diabetes. Other potential benefits include increased calcium/mineral absorption, increased feelings of satiety, increased insulin sensitivity, and improved anti-inflammatory production.

With obesity a pressing concern for more governments around the world, plus a pressing need to control health costs using more preventative approaches, mixed with a massive and growing global wheat market, investors see a lot of potential. They’re piling into the stock on today’s news, driving the stock to gains over 200% at the time of this writing.

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