AI Stock Skyrockets as Markets Churn

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Markets have been continuing their lurch from years of calm to extreme volatility. Today, major indexes are again down after an opening-bell rally. Losses may be starting to become more focused: advancing stocks outnumber decliners so far in today’s session, but poor blue-chip performance is holding indexes down.

Today’s Top Performer hits on one of the highest potential—and least understood—future technology plays: artificial intelligence. Future growth potential based on emerging tech continues to provide upward price momentum even as the market moves to more cautious equity valuations.

Pulse Evolution Corporation (PLFX): up dramatically on news of acquisition offer from Evolution|AI Corporation.

PLFX Stock Gains

Pulse Evolution Corporation owns an advanced human facial animation technology, licensed to firms pursuing unprecedented realism in human-like computer interactions.

Evolution||AI company has already been licensing this tech for use in its development of artificial intelligence applications. Indeed, Evolution was founded by a founder of PLFX.

Seeking to lock in pricing and access to the tech over a longer strategic window, Evolution today announced an upping of an existing acquisition offer for PLFX. Evolution|AI has already acquired an extensive array of animation IP in pursuit of hyper-realistic computer-generated facial imagery.

PLFX’s stock skyrocketed up over 150% on the news; those gains have since consolidated to around the 60% mark.

The gains mark a welcome respite for PLFX, which had traded as high as $3.60 in 2016. Its share price sits at $.20 after today’s gains.

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